Standing on the
Shoulders of Giants

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have developed
the resources used in this site and who I have learned from.


Ben and Dan Counsell

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Ben and Dan Council started it all off in late 2002. They developed Rapidweaver - a web development programme that didnt need you to learn "code" For people like me, who were not coders it was a breakthrough. I remember getting my first early copy of the app and I was so thrilled with it that I rang them up, just to say "Thank you!"

Over the years, Rapidweaver has developed to accommodate the new developers that got involved.
Thanks lads!


Isaiah - Yourhead

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Isaiah took the development of Rapidweaver and created firstly the "Bricks" plug-in which allowed words and images to be placed in more creative ways than Rapidweaver previously allowed. He then took this one step further and developed "Stacks" another bolt on plug-in that made the capabilities of Rapidweaver almost infinite. Soon after Isaiah developed stacks, other developers created a multitude of stacks that made the easy and flexibility of Rapidweaver almost childs play! Thanks Isaiah.


Joe Workman

Joe Workman

Joe took Rapidweaver & Stacks even further. He developed numerous stacks to suit all purposes! The main ones on this site are Foundation and Total CMS. Foundation gives the web designer a blank canvas to develop with, and the stacks allow the designer to pretty much put anything anywhere. Total CMS is a fantastically easy to use Content Management System. CMS's allow the site owner to change information without a web designer being involved.
Bye bye Wordpress!! And thanks Joe.


Andrew Tavernor

Big White Duck

Andrew is Big White Duck. He has taken Joe Workman's Foundation stacks and moved them up to the next level. What you can't do with these stacks is not worth doing. Again, for me this feels like a breakthrough in my design work. Thanks you Andrew.


Marten Claridge

Rapidweaver Central

Marten runs Rapidweaver Central. As well as keeping tabs on everything Rapidweaver he also designs templates and modules to make your site stylish, beautiful and well designed. He has developed two types of modules - "Weaverthings" and Maximal Designs. Both of these have made my life as a designer SO much easier. Thanks Marten.


The Photographers

The Photographers

Most of the photographs on this site are taken from Unsplash Photography site. Some of these photos are very beautiful. Its a great resource. The aerial photographs are taken by Alix Marin from a drone in 2016

Thanks everybody! Standing on the shoulders of my giants, I can see forever!

Alston Web Weaver's Credit to Developers.