Blogs don't have to be boring anymore.

I wanted to do an example of a "blog" for this website, so as I'm into food I decided to make a food blog. Of course you can have whatever category of blog you want in your site.
You can edit any part of it through your admin pages. You can add photos, even a gallery. You can add "likes" upload files, add forms and more.
Excuse my silly header…. there could be a beautiful photo there instead!

Basic Spaghetti Sauce

This recipe was given to me by the daughter of an Italian woman in the States. I love spaghetti sauce but I could never make it as nice as some of the bottled stuff. Now, I can and this is even nicer and certainly very much cheaper than the bottles.

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My Pantry

Your pantry is well worth stocking. By "pantry" I don't mean having loads of food in it, I mean having spices, herbs, condiments so that when you want to cook, you can just decide how you want to flavour it. And once you have them, you don't have to replace them too often.

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Savoury Porridge

A great breakfast dish is Savoury Porridge. I know most people think of porridge as a sweet recipe, but actually having it as savoury is absolutely delicious. And certainly makes a change from sweet and creamy. It will sustain you all morning! The amount of variety is endless!

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